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You’re probably wondering what I’m all about. Well after leaving my hometown of Stockholm, I swapped Sweden for the United States, having moved to pursue my education in sunny Los Angeles. After nearly three years and a degree in Journalism, I relocated to London –  the city I’ve called home for a decade – to finalise my plans and earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism & Media. 

Throughout my career, I’ve held multiple titles and have worked as a Commissioning Editor, Digital Content Production Executive, Managing Editor and Senior Copywriter at global brands. I also had the pleasure to work on my first book project as I, alongside four other handpicked journalists, wrote Lonely Planet’s latest ‘Experience London Travel Guide, highlighting the beauty and offerings of London neighbourhoods. 

While I started my career in print media, covering local news around Los Angeles, a bulk of my work is digital. Through my passion for travel, I ventured into the travel industry, landing a job as a Commissioning Editor and later Branded Content Editor at Culture Trip. My expertise and experience have since allowed me to eat my way through the streets of Mexico, zipline in Jamaica and interview sommeliers while learning about the history of century-old vineyards in Italy. As a result, my work has allowed me to collaborate with many companies, including the Jamaica Tourism Board, the Norwegian Tourism Board, IcelandAir and British Airways. 

But as inspiring as that sounds, it’s not all globetrotting. My work expands beyond the travel industry, having worked with finance, consulting and tech brands. From my desk in London, I produce B2B content for Boston Consulting Group, copywrite for London & Partners, and build and translate pages for Eurostar. I also write articles for the likes of Culture Trip and the Independent and help brands identify the best suitable strategy to elevate their content and products.

To find out more about my work experience, feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile.

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